Easily Tip a Caster on Farcaster

How it works

Reply to casts of users that you want to tip with @tip ...

TipCast will then reply with a link to that user's TipCast page where you can tip them with MATIC on the Polygon chain. Or you can find a Caster here by typing the url: tipcast.xyz/caster-username


Caster Search coming soon! This will allow you to look up a Caster that you'd like to tip here on TipCast.

And Then...

The goal with TipCast is to allow you to be able to tip Casters directly in Farcaster apps without ever having to leave the app. There will be some cool ways to make this happen. Will strive towards cheap gas fees to make micro-tipping possible! If you have any feedback, reach out to @nbragg on Farcaster.